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I’m Brian Kang. I've always had a knack for problem-solving. I graduated from the University of Washington with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy so I could learn about creative solutions to big problems.

Since then I’ve been a part of AMPTAB, a Seattle startup whose goal is to eliminate wasteful paper catalogs using accessible tech. Working closely with the engineers and our large sets of data, my passion for the development side was born.

Through a combination of mentorship, self-teaching, Coding Dojo and countless hours coding and designing, I’ve been able to sharpen my technical proficiency and solve problems using a whole new set of skills.

My goal is to continue to grow and create solutions with a company dedicated to making the world brighter through tech. I contribute to open source where I can and when I'm not in front of a computer, I volunteer with classrooms introducing CS to young students, learn Spanish, and mushroom hunt in our PNW forests.


FaceLogin is a machine learning, facial recognition login application. The app takes images on registration and uses machine learning to verify the correct user on login, replacing the need for traditional passwords. Tested to have an 80% success rate. Skills used: Machine Learning, Angular, Express.js, MongoDB and Flask/Python.


Bootcamp Mentors came from an idea I had to to connect like-minded individuals with qualified mentors who enjoy helping and want to see others succeed. Together with a small team we work to bridge the gap between students and graduates of coding bootcamps. By providing a network of mentorship to student professionals, we hope to help determined individuals achieve greater success!

Bootcamp Mentors

I realized that between friends, we send a lot of music to each other but the links always get lost amongst the jumble of texts, chats, and other apps. To solve this I built MusicLinq to create a central place where we can share music with each other. Skills used: Python/Django, SQLite & OOP/ORM.


More Things I've made

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24 Card Game

This is a C# console game based on the 24 Card Game, a math puzzle. The player must manipulate four given integers so that the result is 24. This project demonstrates strong algorithmic logic required to validate whether a solution is correct or not. Utilized and implemented various packages for efficiency.

It's My Weeknd

It's My Weeknd is another passion project I created out of a love for spontaneous trips & events. I wanted a service that would give me last-minute events based on whatever city I was in. Skills used: Eventful & Ticketmaster APIs, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, MVC, reading documentation to learn new technologies.

Pencil me in

A complete CRUD app built using Django, Pencil me in was created to give the user a place to log in and manage their day-to-day appointments. Backend database via SQLite. Skills used: Python, Django, form validations, bcrypt encryption, SQLite and Bootstrap.

Going Once, Going Twice

Going Once, Going Twice is an auction service web app that allows users to post items for sale & bid on a community of other items. Once an auction has ended, the $ credit automatically transfers and is exchanged between seller and highest bidder. Skills used: C#, ASP.NET and ORM mapped with Entity.


Tomorrow! is a todo app that allows users to post their bucket list items and ultimately cross them off once complete. Has a social network in which you can tag other members to share the same bucket list goals. Skills used: Angular, Express, MongoDB, Bootstrap, TypeScript and JavaScript.

Lost In The Woods

Lost In The Woods is an app that showcases various hiking trails and allows users to post their own favorites. Uses Google Maps API to display hiking locations. Skills used: C#, ASP.NET Core, Dapper ORM, Google Maps API and Bootstrap.

My Writing and Thoughts

Posted on Jan 3

Fibonacci Recursive Algorithm

The Fibonacci sequence algorithm is one of my favorites as it is a great introduction to understanding and visualizing recursion. Let’s talk about this sequence and how we can solve it both iteratively and recursively!

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Posted on Nov 24

180 Day Challenge: Writing Code Every Day

Everyone knows that the best way to excel at a subject is to make it a habit. From music to sports, from running to ping pong — the best way to get better is to do it a lot and do it often. Follow my journey as I write code every day!

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